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Corsi di inglese livelli 6 e 7

Level Six

First Certificate in English FCE – Council of Europe Level B2

The First Certificate in English is designed for learners who have reached an upper-intermediate level of English and requires competence in all the language skills. The contexts and tasks included in the examination involve English used in the connection with the following: friendship and social contracts – travel and tourism – personal interests and hobbies – job related issues – study related issues. The examination is suitable for those students interested in gaining employment in an English speaking environment or to help in their further studies.

The course consolidates and expands the grammar and vocabulary areas covered by the CLM BELL Level five syllabus, as well as placing more emphasis on the development of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In addition to the standard workbook type homework exercises, students are expected to produce a substantial amount of written composition work to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared for the exam.

Students are required to buy a course book and a practice test book to ensure that they are prepared thoroughly for the exam.

Level Seven

The Level seven course is at a pre-advanced level. It is suitable for those students who have passed an upper-intermediate level course or exam, such as the First Certificate in English FCE. The aim of the course is to develop accuracy and fluency in a wide range of situations leading to competent communication in the majority of personal contexts.

Students are expected to attend class regularly and to make every effort to complete homework tasks. At this level, it becomes important for students to take more responsibility for their own learning. To facilitate this, it is recommended that students read as widely as possible. A range of published reading material is available from the CLM BELL students’ library and teachers and the Director of Studies can advise students about relevant internet sites.

In addition, the LCC offers students the opportunity to listen to a wide range of audio material which is aimed at improving both comprehension and production of the spoken word.