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Candriai Summer Camp

The International English Summer Camp

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The International Summer Camp is now a well established course catering for students from Italy and abroad. In the past there have been students from Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, France and Poland.

Course Organiser

CLM BELL Trento, the leading language school in Trentino, which apart from being a member of EAQUALS (European Association of Quality Language Schools), also has over 40 years’ experience of teaching languages.


The course is held in Candriai, a small village in the Dolomites near the city of Trento. The centre used is a modern establishment belonging to the local Provincial Government and the services are managed by a local cooperative. During the scholastic year, the centre is used for educational and environmental courses.

It is well equipped, set in its own park and has its own sports hall. The location of the centre gives students the opportunity to take full advantage of the mountain atmosphere.

Short cultural excursions are also organised, such as a visit to the nearby city of Trento, and to other sites of historical interest or beauty.

The Teachers

All the teachers are of English mother tongue, or bilingual, highly qualified and with wide experience of teaching English to young learners. The teachers will also be resident at the centre for the duration of the course, along with the students. We guarantee high standards of safety and supervision. There is always a minimum of one adult to every six students.

Accommodation and Meals

Students in Candriai are accommodated in rooms of two/ four beds, complete with bathroom and shower. All meals are provided at the centre.


Students will need to have:

  • a couple of fleeces/pullovers;
  • a pair of walking shoes;
  • a rucksack;
  • a waterproof jacket;
  • swimming costume, cap and towel for the swimming pool;
  • sports clothes and shoes;
  • a pair of gym shoes;


Students are expected to attend all lessons and afternoon activities, apply themselves seriously while studying and doing homework, not leave the centre grounds without permission, respect all regulations of the Centre.

Should these rules be broken, after warning the student twice and having informed the parents of disruptive students of the problem, the Course Director may send any disruptive students home before the end of the course.

There will be no refund of the course fee in this case. CLM BELL cannot be held responsible for objects lost or left unattended by students at the centre.

A typical day at the summer camp


  • Time to get up 07.30
  • Breakfast 08.00
  • Lessons 09.00
  • Break 10.30
  • Lessons 10.45
  • Lunch 12.30


  • Break 13.30
  • Project work 14.15 (e.g.:music, art, handicraft, drama)
  • Refreshment break 16.15
  • Sports, games, walks 16.30
  • Dinner 19.00
  • Indoor games & entertainment. 20.00
  • Bedtime 22.00

Cost:  € 1,390.00  

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